you paid what ?!$$$$!?


once upon an online purchase my email address was sold, and I began receiving weekly emails from an amusing and shock-worthy site called Pocket Change NYC that highlights the "most expensive" goods and services that New York and Los Angeles have to offer...want a $1000 bagel to nosh on while bringing Poochie to a $500 Pet Grooming in the Big Apple, or grab a $175 hot dog before checking in to rehab in LA Passages Addiction Cure Center for $67,550 a week.

I always muse at how much people in high power competitive cities are willing to spend for such common items and practical services. Of course New Orleanians would never be so extravagant.... but again bagels are a very important staple to a New Yorker diet, and in LA, are you really anyone until you've been to rehab? And I began to think, what types of good and services do we value locally that would stun people in other parts of the world....

  • Riding in a Mardi Gras Parade: dues and plastic throws can cost around $2,000 alone... for 2 hours of fun.
  • Choosing the historic St. Louis Cathedral for an evening wedding, instead of your local parish church- $1,800 for a 1 hour service
  • "Where did you go to school" never refers to an Ivy League higher education in "these parts", and with area parents paying around $6,500- $10,000 a year for K-12 schooling, I can hear a sigh of "amen" from LSU bound TOPS parents.
  • And, oh to die in style in New Orleans...what is the cost of a monumental size hurricane proof grave site compared to the common underground tombstone?
  • It was also reported to me that this past Monday a LSU fan passed out among screaming fans at the BCS bowl and this slumber was dubbed the "$1200 nap" between fans located in the same section.

But these events are essential and considered priceless to maintain our standards of culture and lifestyle, right?


And for the singles who are having problems finding love in a city of 8 million, Pocket Change NYC is reversing the roles and "paying tribute to the women who publicly declare they have the means and they have the needs" in their upcoming Sugar Mama's and Boys Toys Speed Dating Event. 35 and older high asset woman are to mix with 35 and under good looking men. Check out the site to see qualifying applicants. Would a similar event be able to exist in NOLA?

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