Stupid American No Longer

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 by Sam Winston


When I first visited Germany a couple of years ago, I was stopped on the street twice by virulent George W. Bush haters who went out of their way to berate me in public and give me an earful on American foreign policy. I’m talking about men who looked one cut above homeless but spat out political and historical references like they were on Jeopardy. Rough English aside, the words “idiot” and “stupid American” dwarfed my response of, “I’m may be a 'stupid American,' but I never voted for Bush.” There also might have been some expletives exchanged.

However, strolling the streets of Hamburg now as an Obama fan, it’s a different story. The German media has made a plethora of Obama comparisons to JFK, an icon in this country ever since his “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. So much so that Obamamania is spreading fast here in Deutschland.

Here’s what some of the major papers are saying about him…

"The New Kennedy" read one paper

"This Black American has become the new Kennedy!" declared another.

And in perhaps my favorite quote, the Time/Newsweek type newsmagazine of Germany, Der Spiegel had an online piece that summarized what young Obama fans think of the Clintons...

"Bill and Hill Clinton, as the democratic couple is mockingly called, are regarded as party poopers. They're seen as the kind of progressive parents who turned the light on at their adolescent kids' cellar parties 'just to say hello.'"


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