In Bad Taste



As if the world of filmmaking is not already strange enough, there are now rumors that the McCanns may be discussing making a movie out of the disappearance of their 3-year-old daughter, Madeleine. The story went like this; two seemingly intelligent adults take the family on vacation in Portugal. Mom and Dad McCann go out to dinner and leave their three toddlers alone in their resort apartment. Of course, the children were sleeping. So, there should be no problem? (Hmm…) Well, when Mr. and Mrs. McCann returned from their dinner, Madeleine, who was the oldest of the toddlers, was missing. Wow! The story received international attention and pleas for the public’s help from many celebrities.It does sound like a great script for a Lifetime Movie. Or, it would be if it wasn’t true and the case had been solved. Since, the McCanns have recently been relieved of being two of the prime suspects in the case, it does seem a little unusual to be marketing your “story” for the world to see. Perhaps they hope the movie will prove once and for all their innocence?

I’m pretty sure the Jon Benet Ramsey movie-of-the-week didn’t do much to boost the public’s opinion of the Ramseys. Mr. McCann seems to think that making a movie may help raise awareness of his daughter’s case. I guess he is unfamiliar with how long movie production actually takes. Finally, without any recent leads in the case, how will the movie end? Will they create a fictional ending? And if so, will that ending be in the spirit of hopefulness or will the filmmakers be tempted by the exploitation of a tragedy? It will be interesting to see the McCann’s final decision and the public’s reaction to their decision.

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