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 The late Emperor of the Universe Ernie K-Doe has lived on, of course, in the hearts of New Orleanians, not to mention in wax effigy as the perennial host of his Mother-In-Law Lounge on Claiborne Ave. And thanks to savvy media placement by the English label Soul Jazz, who own the rights to his 1970 release "Here Come The Girls," the departed cult favorite is enjoying a new wave of popularity in the U.K. The track came off of K-Doe's last nationally distributed album, the Allen Toussaint-produced ERNIE K-DOE. The record itself sold poorly at the time, but "Here Come The Girls" - an upbeat funk fest with a marching-band beat - just recently spawned a whole new population of enthusiastic subjects for the Emperor, when it was used (see above) as the soundtrack of a Christmas ad this season for the British drugstore chain Boots. Youtube comments and various posts on U.K.-based blogs for the most part indicate that the commercial created a brand-new generation of K-Doe fans in the British Isles, except for employees of the chain (where the song was played nonstop in stores), who by New Year's Eve were desperate to have the record destroyed forever.


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