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Loved meeting the two extremely talented, philanthropic guys (Mat and Fleet) who started the Dog Lover's Wine Club which has been gaining new members and fans in the New Orleans area for their lovely wines and for generously sharing the proceeds with the L.S.P.C.A. Had the distinct pleasure of pouring for them at their first Canine Culture event and found the wines as well as the attendees-- including our 4-legged friends-- most pleasant and approachable! So much so that Tim and I ordered a case of our favorite of the group offered, the Pinot Noir, with our little lion-headed poodle featured on the label.

So now we have a case of Pookie Pinot Noir (or almost a case, it was a Christmas gift for several very special people) which we can use throughout the year for special events (like celebrating Pookie's birthday!), special gifts, etc. I don't think I'll be able to throw away the bottles afterwards through because Mat's artistic rendering of Pookie -- done from a photo by one of our wonderful dog sitters -- makes the bottles, even without wine, impossibe for us to dispense with! To the rescue..... our friends Lynda and Bobby gifted us with the wicks/candle/glass enclosures to continue using the empties to add a flicker of light to any wine tasting or other occasion.....


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