City Hall Skirmishes/Protests


by Sam Winston

Thanks Oyster for the link, after watching the video footage of NOPD pepper spraying rowdy protesters, tasering two women, and Arnie Fielkow asking for calm and then "security, enforce our rules," this first hand blog account is really what you need to see. It's what makes blogs great. It puts us right there, unfiltered, to see what was happening inside the building from a first person account.

The comments are also worth reading. On a personal note, watching people get tasered and pepper sprayed made me sick to me my stomach, no matter who was right and who was wrong. There have been consistent calls for finding the middle ground but obviously that didn't matter today. I also wonder since I wasn't there and you can't tell from any of the video, is it true what the media has been reporting all week that the protesters were only about 100 people?

On a sidenote, give the nolablogosphere credit on an issue that they could have easily just taken the anti-establishment nature of the protests' position (blogs being a bit anti-estab in nature), this whole past week they in large part spoke out about how the issue was not so cut and dry and how the agitators on both sides, including the media, were missing key points.

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