Jazz Fest Stuffed Stockings


It seems like whenever I ask someone who lives here, but who wasn't born here- "Why would you move to New Orleans?" I often get the response "I came down for Jazz Fest and stayed"... which always conjures up an image of the person stumbling out of Jazz Fest drunk with crawfish bread in one hand and an Abita Beer in the other, calling a realtor to make an offer on a house and having all of their belongings shipped from wherever they had come from a few days before.

In actuality, I suppose that this common response, is more of a "code of appreciation" for New Orleans rich cultural mix of music, food, crafts and fun that may not exist elsewhere.

If one of these "transplant super festers" are on your Christmas list- then stop by the Jazz and Heritage Fest Bazaar this Saturday from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm- where a host of Jazz Fest collectibles will be up for sale. Items up for sale include Vintage Jazz Fest Posters, T-Shirts, CD's and more. The sale will take place at 1205 North Rampart St. For more info call 504-588-6100.

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