Does Obama Matter in Louisiana?


 by Sam Winston


For those wondering where the sudden surge in Barack Obama's campaign may have come from, other than a packed-out football stadium endorsement by Oprah, I'm betting the cover article in this month's Atlantic Magazine had a lot to do with it.

It pinpoints the appeal of Obama that all of the rest of the media has timidly circled around but hasn't been able to put there finger on. And with new poll numbers to boot, there's now a storyline about Obama that is starting to takeoff.

That means with Louisiana smack dab in the middle of the primary season (Feb. 9, '08), and a few potential early Obama wins changing the whole dynamic of the race, we'll find out indeed if Obama does matter to the state.

For those interested, check out the article or you can also read Obama's listed views on New Orleans and the recovery from his website in full here.

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