Nutria Plan for World Domination Right on Schedule




Forget the firetruck Louisiana gave New York, look what we gave New Jersey. 

Apparently the first nutria have been spotted in the Garden State. This news report says that the hardy little Cajun beaver arrived in Maryland and Delaware in the 1980s. Perhaps the lack of marshlands slowed their progress into Jersey, but the nutria is nothing if not persistent. 

New Jersey pest control association official Leonard Douglen isn't worried though. He told the New York Post, "We'd probably trap them wherever there are sightings." He added, "Just because a new species comes around doesn't mean you reinvent the wheel." 

Ok then. They seem to have that situation under control. 

By the time global warming does away with polar bears, Canada should be ready to welcome nutria — unless the Canadians have some sort of trapping techniques to handle the new arrivals. 

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