my carbon "BIG FOOT" print


I just discovered a brilliant local website, go green nola, that compounds ideas and suggestions to lead a organic and healthier lifestyle at a local level.

This site has a great New Orleans recycling guide, a local farmers directory and art market calendar, tips for reducing waste, environmental tax incentive information, and an "eat local challenge" which supports the "death to the 1500-mile ceaser salad movement". The features and comprehensive "green lifestyle" information are endless.

The site even includes a "Carbon Footprint" calculator. I was horrified to find out that my family used 31.7 tons of CO2 this year. Close to double the average "2 person" American household. And that is from a family that was planning on giving energy saving lightbulbs as Christmas gifts and cringes at the site of Hummers.

Developed by locals, Lillian Lovich and Mike O'Neill, the clean site design is easy and fun to navigate and worthy of winning a "Webby".

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