'Jump Shot So Sick It Needed Medication'


by Sam Winston

On blogwatch today, first a look at what's been cracking here on our roll-sheet.

Down by way of hip-hop tragedy a la Tupac and Biggie smalls, was Evel Knieval offed by Kanye West in an ongoing dispute between the two? A sausage love confession spurring good Christmas gift ideas? FBI agents posing as Congressmen Bill Jefferson's limo driver and a Kentucky Derby celebration in search of high priced hookers? Why not.

Elsewhere, one blogger sees more than a connection between housing mortgage crisis, the homeless in Duncan Plaza, and people in FEMA trailers, but warns

not to pay attention to 'the man behind the curtain.' Another finds the positive in the Saints' demoralizing lost since he won't have to pay for playoff tickets he'll now have more money to pay for his children's Christmas gifts.

And finally, in one of the best blog posts I've read in a while, a 9th Ward blogger reminisces about the good old days and an encounter he recently he had. "That was about 120 pounds ago when my jump shot was so sick it needed medication."

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