A Strong Response



There are a lot of different responses when we learn of the latest brutality to befall one of our fellow New Orleanians at the hands of a criminal. Some could care less, some grow more fearful and then there's the old standby of naked outrage. But I'm grateful that some people seem to greet senseless calamities with an organized response and effort to help the victim.

A prime example will be on display this Sunday, Dec. 2, when supporters of La Crêpe Nanou bar manager Robert Strong (pictured) will host a block party fundraiser. Strong was shot in the face last month on St. Charles Avenue and has a long and arduous path to recovery.At the very least, the benefit event is shaping up to be an amazing party. Restaurants participating include La Crêpe Nanou, Galatoire’s, Café Degas, Dick & Jenny’s, Dante’s Kitchen,

St. James Cheese Company, New Orleans Ice Cream Co., and more. Local musicians Alex Chilton, Susan Cowsill, The Stringbeans, Herringbone Orchestra, and David Doucet and Al Tharp will perform. A silent auction will be held, with donations from artists, restaurants, and cultural institutions.The benefit is from 3pm until 8pm on the 1400 block of Robert Street. Tickets are $30 and include food, wine, and entertainment. Tickets are available at La Crêpe Nanou and The Wine Seller. All proceeds go directly to the Robert Strong Fund established at Capital One.

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