Have a "green" Christmas


Giving is so much fun, and when your giving is doing double duty and giving back to something else- it can be 2x the celebration. This gifting season think of the planet by giving earth friendly themed gifts. Here are some jolly green ideas:

For the mom or the compulsive cleaner on your list, Earthsavers has developed a line of organic cleaning supplies, creating a practical and luxurious option. The bottles are sleek enough not to hide under a kitchen cabinet and come in relaxing spa scents like Rosewater and Organic Citrus.

For the fashionistas in your life stop by American Apparel on Magazine St. and pick up a sustainable organic tee. Celebrities like Leonardo De Caprio and Al Gore have made green the new black for the trendy.

For the vino lover on your list, go to Martin Wine Cellar and pick up an affordable bottle of wine made from organically grown grapes. They currently are selling, Orleans Hill Lodi Syrah for $7.99 a bottle and Our Daily Red for $6.99 a bottle.

For out of town giftees check out Greensender.com, who has made it simple and developed a gift package that you can purchase and contains a stylish reusable water bottle and grocery bag and energy efficient light bulbs, (you could even creatively copy this idea and pick out a bottle and bag in the special someones favorite color at Target).

And for the very "$$green$$" luxury gift item, the Toyota Prius. As gas costs climb past the $3 a gallon mark, it's the gift that keeps giving back to that very special someones wallet-- though you might want to wait until the next Holiday Season for the 3rd generation 2009 Prius which is rumored to hit the streets at the end of 08 and may hit the 70 mpg mark.


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