Sidr Something Serious

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 By Sam Winston

If you were busy over the weekend tallying election results or fuming over the Corps recent fudge and retraction, you might have missed the most relevant world event for New Orleans to happen since Hurricane Katrina. Cyclone Sidr, a category 4 and 5 storm, devastated Bangladesh as the death toll was confirmed to reach over 3,000 today with estimates of it continuing to rise. The rescues efforts are ongoing.

The parallels are hard not see.

A low lying land that sits year after year in the wheelhouse of storm season with high concentrations of poverty along a coast particularly vulnerable to storm surges and flooding. Yet the mainstream media only made it to the story to count the bodies. Give the credit to science writer Chris Mooney (from New Orleans), and other bloggers for providing timely updates on the storm including guest blogging from inside the disaster zone.

Click here for the latest news updates.

And for a list of aid organizations here is a good place to start.


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