Shimmy Shimmy Ya



At some point when no one was paying attention, belly dancing quietly became New Orleans' third-favorite form of new alternative entertainment. (The first two, for extra credit? Whoever guessed mobile non-Tex-Mex Mexican food and amateur outdoor theater, send a SASE to Gambit HQ — you have some tickets and tacos coming.)

No less than three area classes exist solely for the betterment of your belly-dancing skills. (Only a listings editor would know something like this.) And while New Orleans has several skilled performance troupes, the undisputed champions roll with the n.o.madic tribal crew, which has performed weekly since 2003 and currently stages a regular Friday night gig at the Dragon’s Den.

This Friday (Nov. 16) at 8 p.m., n.o.madic presents "For the Love Of ... A Bellydance Benefit," a charity event to help subsidize treatment for Johanna, a friend and Florida dancer who recently was diagnosed with breast cancer. Additional performers from Sisters of Salome, Indudala Tribe and Bayou Shimmy round out the show, marking the one-night-only collaboration as something of a hip-wiggling supergroup — think a Middle Eastern New Pornographers but with less clothing and superior moves. Plus, it's better for the conscience than alfresco Samuel Beckett and carne asada combined.

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