Blog Watch


By Sam Winston

The collective blogging might of the nola blogosphere moves from the dust of Eddie Jordan's resignation and refocuses its attention on something about City Hall that still stinks. Debris pileups and recycling delays causes bloggers to question garbage contracts and call out mayor Nagin and Department of

Sanitation Director Veronica White. The talk was stirred by the accusations against Una Anderson for obtaining suspect trash contracts from Stan Pampy Barre.

Others made it a point to lend a helping a hand to the thousands of Mexico stranded on rooftops amid the massive flooding in the state of Tabasco. The Hornets' 4-0 start got a shout out in addition to speculation as to whether the team had any future of staying in New Orleans. And finally, one blogger cringes at the sight of the cake offered to French President Nicolas Sarkozy during his U.S. visit.

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