Only In New Orleans?



Picture a big, huge mountain. Now picture a mountain climber. Does a Hemingway-esque figure come to mind? An antiquated image of a rustic mountaineer with boots, gun and beard? Or do you see a new, high-tech version— a sexy, lean young man in Northface gear with a sun-kissed, rosy complexion?

Either way... I'm guessing that you probably aren't picturing a female dermatologist from Uptown New Orleans. Perhaps only in New Orleans would a dermatologist decide to fly to Africa, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, take a detour to Tanzania to visit a nonprofit clinic working to end blindness caused by cataracts, return home and sponsor a Botox fundraiser to benefit The Eyes of Africa Initiative, the organization supporting the clinic.

On Saturday Nov 16 Dr. Sharon Meyer will donate her time from 8-11 am, and Allergan, maker of Botox will provide injections. The injections will be offered at a discounted rate and all proceeds will go directly to The Eyes of Africa Initiative. For more information call Meyer's office at 504-897-5899, 3434 Prytania St. #310.

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