It's Not About Race--It's About the Party


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At least it might seem that way in regards to Governor-elect Bobby Jindal's victory on Saturday. Jindal, who took in 54 percent of the vote, hasn't won over the hearts of most Indian Americans according to the Indian American Leadership Initiative (IALI). The Deccan Herald in India reportedthat IALI spokesperson, Toby Chaudhuri said that there

are "mixed feelings about him" because of Jindal's conservative polices.

On another Website, Chaudhuri speculates on what kind of Indian American voters supported Jindal: "As a born-again Roman Catholic, Jindal may have cornered the Mother Theresa vote, but Mahatma Gandhi certainly would've opposed him on principle."

Both of Chaudhuri's quotes come from a well-circulated IALI press release--I received my copy when I opened up my email account on Monday morning. IALI didn't miss a chance to weigh in on Jindal's election, pointing out that this is one Indian American group that's not entirely in favor of Bobby Jindal.


Checkout the IALI homepage and you'll get your answer: IALI supports Democrats, not Republicans. So, while the IALI does give Bobby some props for being the first Indian American governor in the U.S., they can't forget their roots.

I haven't received any press releases yet from the Indian American Republican Council but they're probably still busy celebrating.


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