Week In Review


by Sam Winston

Jindal wins the governor's race, the Saints beat the Falcons, and LSU keeps national title hopes alive with a gripping finish (youtube clip).

Those were the three biggest things on people's minds over the weekend but a look at the week's full list of headlines shows there was plenty to mull over. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling made a rare U.S. trip including a

visit with New Orleans school children. The New York Times profiled the lack of progress in addressing potential toxic fumes in FEMA trailers in addition to the struggles of one New Orleans charter school.

On the crime front, there were several murders in the city last week while Warren Riley made a plea to keep the national guard in New Orleans past their scheduled January pullout.

Additionally, questions linger in the FBI investigation of Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson, President Bush's nominee that is under suspicion for his involvement with a questionable post-Katrina contract.

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