Blog Watch


by Sam Winston

Bubbling up from the nola blogosphere is more controversy related to the Jena 6. The Smoking Gun website posted video and photos Tuesday of white University of Louisiana at Monroe students reenacting the Jena 6 incident with mud on their faces and using the n-word. The video and photos were originally posted by one of the students on her Facebook page (which has since been taken down). A Washington Post blogger was quick to see the

video (also eventually posted on You Tube) raising questions and focusing more attention on the issue. The story then quickly went to mainstream news from there, which included an interview from the girl who posted the video and an official reaction from the university. Local bloggers chimed in as well.

Elsewhere on the blog watch, one blogger opposed to gubernatorial candidate John Georges posts some candid footage of Georges interrupting a wedding party. And finally, a hilarious video titled "FEMA Cribs" about a St. Bernard resident's spoof on how "fresh" his trailer is gets posted on a nola blog (of which this author is a co-creator).

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