A couple of days before the Saints/Titans game last Monday night, a friend of mine wanted to bet me $100 that not only would the Saints beat the Titans, but that he would give me 12 points as he thought that they would win big. Obviously, my friend drinks a lot of black and gold Kool-Aid. I have no idea why I didn't take that bet, but I'm wishing I had because proving him wrong again and winning a C-note would have been nice.

The fact is this: The Saints are not a very good football team. They are currently 0-3 and sit dead last in the NFC South. Here are a couple of numbers for you to remember. Currently, the Saints are dead last in the NFL in points given up per game (34.3) and are giving up 355 yards a game, which ranks them 24th in the league. Yes, that's not very good. Also, remember that one of our starting defensive tackles (Kendrick Clancy) and a defensive end/tackle (Renaldo Wynn) are seeing significant playing time. Clancy was signed before training camp and Wynn was signed a few weeks ago. I don't know, but maybe, just maybe, if you think you'll have trouble once again stopping the run, you might want to solve that in the first few rounds of the draft, not right before training camp and during the season. But that's just me.

I predicted the Saints would go 9-7 before the season and I'll hold that prediction even though things look a lot more difficult now with Deuce out until 2008. So, we'll see what happens the rest of the year. The next sports blog will come out on Friday with topics ranging from the Diamondbacks/Cubs MLB playoff series, the Panthers/Saints game and a preview of the Florida/LSU football game Saturday night in Tiger Stadium.

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