Lounging With the Lucksmiths


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It was booked too late to make Gambit's print edition, but let us be among the first to announce that the Hi-Ho Lounge has secured Australian pop vets the Lucksmiths for a gig this Wednesday night. Aside from the general responsibility everyone should feel to get out and hear good music as often as possible, the show is noteworthy for two less-obvious reasons: It's the Lucksmiths, and they're playing at the Hi-Ho.

Let's elaborate on both these elements. Excepting, say, Russell Crowe's Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, it's news any time a notable Aussie export deems

our fair city worthy of a stopover. Hell, it's hard enough to get quality Austin exports to come here, let alone crikey Australians. (Including Republic's Architecture in Helsinki concert on November 15, we're actually being treated to two top shows this fall. What else can we say but New Orleans' onion seems to be in full bloom.)

That it's the Hi-Ho who scored this coup — and not one of NOLA's Fantastic Four (House of Blues, Tipitina's, Republic and One Eyed Jacks) — is all the more impressive. Credit goes out to Lori and Co. for recognizing that there are worthwhile bands outside the city (and country) limits making something other than mall metal. (Just kidding, guys! We're sure next week's Twatstompa show is going to be great.)


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