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Tiger Bear Wolf


It's only fitting that a band with such animalistic ferocity dub itself Tiger Bear Wolf. If ever there was a band of melodic-friendly punks, this is it (note: not Blink-182 punk. More Black Flag). The band claims on its Web site only to be musicians "all working on learning how to sing." Despite its admitted lack of vocal talent, the band recently released its eponymous debut, Tiger Bear Wolf (Hello Sir), iridescent with melodic delights set over an alluring, malcontent swagger. The CD is punk rock the way it should be -- gritty, loud and overpowering. The album gives off the feeling of being in the band's hurling, fervent crowd; there is no over-production to be found here. The frenetic four-piece from North Carolina is sure to either impress, confound or disturb. And in today's watered-down world of pop-punk and ballad-thrash, a band able to achieve any one of those three is worth looking into. Tickets $6.

9:30 p.m. Saturday, July 16

TwiRoPa (Tchops Room), 1544 Tchoupitoulas St., 232-9503;


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