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Primeval: Paintings by Adrian Deckbar

For years, Adrian Deckbar painted chic, urbane city people, often in moments of reflection. Working in a style of near-photographic realism, she conveyed not only their physical circumstances but also something about the essential nature of life in an urban environment. More recently she has found herself drawn in a different direction. 'What I was feeling was the pull of the wild, that mysterious, unfathomable world we take for granted even as it is increasingly endangered by the forces of extinction. As the content of my canvases evolved, so did my painterly approach, especially the brush strokes and colors, which became freer and less fettered. My goal is to express the timelessness of wild nature in the hope that it endures despite the largely man-made forces that threaten not only its sanctity and mystery, but its very existence as well." — D. Eric Bookhardt

Through November

Gallery Bienvenu, 518 Julia St., 525-0518;


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