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Palette Refreshers

Clean, strong colorblocked brights ease the transition into fall

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Slideshows Cue Fashion Sept 2012

Store Information

Abeille NOLA 8438 Oak St., 324-3488;

Fini 6250 Gen. Diaz St., 304-0633;

Frock Candy 3112 Magazine St., 301-9864;

Shoeffle NOLA 228 N. Columbia St., Covington, 985-898-6465; 8438 Oak St., 324-3488;

Weinstein's 4011 Magazine St., 895-6278;

Yvonne LaFleur 8131 Hampson St., 866-9666;


Kelcey Whitfield for Factor Women, Atlanta.


Melissa Maia and Caitlin Ford for Salon Maia (2007 Metairie Road, Metairie, 846-5142)


Alexis Williams for Yaby Cosmetics


Andrea Loest and Missy Wilkinson

Conceptual Direction

Andrea Loest

Special thanks to Kent Whitfield

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