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Ode to Pulp Fiction


Anyone who remembers the New Orleans Film Festival's gala a few years ago at the UNO Downtown Theatre could be forgiven for being a little freaked out. After all, there was actor Chris Lee as Frank Booth stalking Raphaelle O'Neill as Dorothy Valens a la Blue Velvet. It's a bit unnerving when movies come to life at parties, especially when booze is involved. But some movies are bigger than life, and Pulp Fiction is one of them, which makes it a fitting candidate for Renaissance Initiative's debut "Modern Classics" series of parties at Altitude 33 (formerly Club 360). The club has teamed up with Aboutfaces Modeling to present an evening featuring reenactments of scenes from Quentin Tarantino's 1994 classic -- you can just see Mia and Vincent dancing to "You Never Can Tell" -- with guests encouraged to dress as their favorite character. (Where's my skinny black tie, dammit?) Complimentary champagne will be served. And, yes, the movie will be screened on flat-screen TVs while DJ Dr. Souss (pictured) and DJ Damion Yancy spin the night away. Cover $10.

10 p.m. Saturday, June 25
Altitude 33, World Trade Center, 33rd floor, 2 Canal St. 595-4354

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