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How can I lose weight in the New Year?

Starting a new year is a great time to start fresh with a weight loss plan! Here are some tips to kick-start your New Year's weight loss goals:

• Start keeping a food record: writing down everything you eat is a great way to start realizing how much you are actually eating

• Start paying attention to portion sizes: the amount of food more than the types make a big difference when you are watching your waistline

• When reading labels always check the calories: to find out how many calories your body needs to loose weight, contact a Registered Dietitian to set up an appointment for weight loss counseling!

• Don't forget to start exercising: the more you move, the more calories you'll burn – every 10 minutes of consistent moderate intensity activity such as walking adds up throughout the day!

• Try to aim for 45-60 minutes of moderate intensity activity 5-6 days per week to help maintain your weight loss.

To set up an appointment for weight loss nutrition counseling, contact Rebecca Lee, registered dietician at East Jefferson General Hospital, at (504) 454-4077.

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