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The benefits of herbal salves as told by Maypop Community Herb Shop


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Maypop Community Herb Shop sells organic, pesticide- and herbicide-free herbs.
  • Maypop Community Herb Shop sells organic, pesticide- and herbicide-free herbs.

When herbalists Jen Stovall, Rachael Reeves, Wendy Hounsel and Amy Seifert decided to open Maypop Community Herb Shop (1036 Franklin Ave., 304-5067;, they envisioned a community space where people would have access to experienced herbalists, quality herbs and herbal products.

  "We've always ... dream(ed) of having an herb store and being behind-the-counter herbalists that help anyone who comes through the door," Stovall says. "And there's a real need for it in New Orleans."

  With 40 years of combined experience in herbal medicine, the herbalists offer all organic and fair trade herbs, extracts, herbal medicines (like digestive cordials to ease gas, indigestion and nausea), salves and custom-blended teas.

  "We have a really good allergy season tea blend that people drink every day," Stovall says. "If you take it often, it can benefit you long term."

  To address specific health concerns, clients consult with the owners, who create treatments tailored to individual needs.

  "We make formulas to help their bodies stay in balance and heal," says Stovall, a nursing student. "We address diet and lifestyle in order for real healing to occur."

  Recognizing the importance of educating the public about the benefits and versatility of herbs, the shop teaches an introduction to herbalism class, as well as a class on how to make salves, infused oils, tinctures and sweet medicines like cordials, syrups and elixirs.

  "People have used plants for medicine for years," Stovall says."We're trying to encourage people to stay healthy and use herbs to maintain a healthy balance in their lives." — Lindsey Darnell


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