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The horrible Boston Marathon bombings happened this week, and terror and panic followed in the form of lockdowns, bomb threats, suspicious packages and Diner en Blanc. Also this week: Earth Day celebrations, a dumb Katrina/other bad thing comparison, wine ice cream?

Y@ Speak 4/15-21

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That's cool how Voodoo Fest is calling tickets "credentials" and Vanilla Ice "Macklemore".Andrew Polk
Food truck rally underway in Fat City — an effort to reenergize this often problem-plagued area. http://yfrog.com/obkogffkjScott Satchfield
The Boston Marathon is a reward. The goal of a BQ changes your life, and you are better for it. May we all still strive for the BQ.Bryan A. Davis
Twitter is absolutely insufferable during tragedy. Take a day off. Your jokes are exhausting.Amber
From a media perspective, the Boston coverage is why it makes more sense to read the paper just once every morning on some stories.Grant Wahl
vice president biden's gun control bill fails to pass in congress "it was just a list of his favorite sharks," reports major news outletsthe dog pissperer
'Suspicious' suitcase in Superdome garage was full of papers, NOPD says http://bit.ly/14xJaNYNOLA.com
Speaker at City Council keeps referring to Stacy Head as "Mayor Head."Danny Monteverde
Attorney General Buddy Caldwell says wine ice cream cannot be sold in Louisiana.Michelle Millhollon
I was to give a keynote at Harvard. The conference is in lockdown. I am safe ;cancelled my flight. My prayers are with all in Boston.Wendell Pierce
My thoughts are with everyone in the Boston and Watertown area today. Stay strong and stay safe. We are with you.Terence Blanchard
hahaha nice try pervert - http://neworleans.craigslist.org/tfr/3714756068.htmlCyrus Cooper
After Boston bombings, lunch box with Tupperware, bag with men's clothes deemed 'suspicious' in New Orleans http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2013/04/after_boston_bombings_lunch_bo.htmlJudy Walker
.@judywalkercooks i'll never forget in 2002, when JPSO fire-hosed two quarts of frozen gumbo at MSY...Edward Branley
This may sound odd but there's a New Orleans after Katrina vibe to downtown Boston right nowJake Tapper
If @jaketapper is correct, I feel really sorry for Boston, because David Simon is going to make an awful tv show about you soon.BlackenedOut
This may sound odd but there's a New Orleans after Katrina vibe RT @LyonsYellin Times-Picayune view of bomb threat http://pic.twitter.com/HfBphpHfEfDear Leader
Krewe Du Vieux 2014: "Suspicious Packages" #YouAreWelcomeskooks
Somewhere, George Bush is painting dogs, completely oblivious to anything that's just happened.Ryan Smith
This #dinerenblanc thing doesn't have the Kirsha Kaechele zazz that I would expect from a @dougmaccash obsession.countrymarxist
Diner En Blanc New Orleans http://pic.twitter.com/HfzZdtHTTUTelley S. Madina
"Time to go home and have a cocktail," says the woman behind me. I'm having coffee in the hotel bar. #NOLAJason Isbell
Happy Earth Day! #LouisianaBucketBrigade @ Bayou St. John http://instagram.com/p/YYRea9rKhN/Lady M
Happy Earth Day! #LouisianaBucketBrigademonicarharris
Second line! #EarthDay - @labucketbrigade @HealNewOrleans http://pic.twitter.com/iweViTkdYhHumane Society of LA

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