Y@ Speak: R.I.P. Uncle Lionel Batiste



Locals mourn New Orleans brass band legend Uncle Lionel Batiste, who died Sunday morning at age 81. Also this week: Sean Payton gets divorced, ex-Times-Picayune people get hired at WWL-TV, Essence Fest happens and people flip out on Twitter.

Y@ Speak 7/2-7/8

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Never felt more New Orleanian than answering question #126 on @The_Gambit's BONO2012 survey: "Best pothole to avoid? (specific location)"Madge
I'd like to thank @The_Gambit for not attempting to actually rank the "Top 100 bars" this timeskooks
WOW. Check out this twitter account. @Needadebitcard.Richard Alexander
The Free Payton shirts worked the wrong way, @FleurtyGirl “@NOLAnews: Saints Coach Sean Payton, wife file for divorce http://bit.ly/MPy6y7”flipflops
BREAKING: Jonathan Vilma files appeal in Payton divorce.Fake Times-Picayune
Sorry to hear coach Payton and his wife are divorcing. Always a sad time,Angela Hill
A theater full of people watching Magic Mike at Canal Place are about to rebel. #nolapoweroutageScott Walker
And for the record, I'm not watching. Reporting intel... RT @Sibman: @ScottWalker6 If I was forced to watch Magic Mike, I'd rebel as well.Scott Walker
finna make winn dixxie bags full of money with these "yes homo" shirtsdıpןo
@Editilla go fuck yourself white trash! Seth Rogen ordered two of those chops that same night and loved them. Don't come back ya hear.Bacchanal Wine
@lreyesfox8 today at Noon: why #kitty litter boxes could make women suicidal @wvuefox8Liz Reyes
His response: open drooling. RT @UptownMessenger: ask Rogen about the pork chops at BacchanalMike Scott
There's nothing on TVDarren Sproles
Louisiana grocery list. http://instagr.am/p/Mq9u5dLvNM/Julia Pretus
Trina is rapping that she's lactose intolerant, that ain't cute gurl.A Boy Named Ruth
Dont trip new Orleans I'm not going any where I'm N.O. For lifeFreshly
Raspberry Purée, Grenadine, White Chocolate Cheesecake, Blue Caracao Liquer. http://instagr.am/p/Mrlm92yIiV/Joshua Brasted
It's official. I'll be joining the @WWLTV investigative team this fall. Very excited for the move: http://bit.ly/NDeH1ZBrendan McCarthy
Sad to leave the Times-Pic. Absolutely love this place & these people. Always grateful they took a chance on a 22-yo kid from Rhode IslandBrendan McCarthy
Just gonna go ahead and put this out there: WWL officially now has the best looking staff of reporters on the planet.Champ Superstar
Please vote for me as Best Facial in the The Gambit poll. Definitely don't want my rivals getting that one.Chris Trew
New Orleans is the world capital of gay hiphop. New Orleans = awesome.Clayton Cubitt
T-P Weather frog refuses offer from NOLA Media Group. Signs with WWLTV after receiving kiss from Laura Buchtel.skooks
Shoutout to the folks that videotaped fireworks on their phones last night. So glad we have that footage to look back on.Aziz Ansari
ATTENTION some idiot is impersonating me (in a clever way) on twitter! Do not follow this person. I'm working to have his account shutdown!Fletcher Mackel
Grand Palace hotel on fire. View from the river. http://pic.twitter.com/yq3kMXvBFleurty Girl
My B Day celebration continues tonight in New Orleans bitchessss, I'm trying to reach that new level of drunk! Im trying to stumble forwardKevin Hart
D'Angelo demonstrated why he didn't headline #essencefest. Talent is still there, but unfocused after 12 year layoffKeith Spera
Missed a riveting gas station bathroom time by 6 months. http://instagr.am/p/MyrJ7YA7lJ/Ryan Smith
Apparently there's no texting or tweeting allowed during @KevinHart4Real tonight at #essencefest. Wonder how they'll enforce that.Alison Fensterstock
Shouts to those who expected D'Angelo to create and perform music as if he just stepped out of 1999. That's pretty hilarious & ridiculous.Zo!
Feelin' kinda funky... Love me some Big Sam! @ Essence Music Festival http://instagr.am/p/MzlX96BMop/Grace Wilson
RT if you want NO MORE DRAMA! #ESSENCEFestEssence Magazine
Fox Searchlight must put this movie out in a wide release. It wins Sundance. It was at Cannes! And it only plays on 4screens?1500 screensNOWWendell Pierce
Our hearts are heavy this morning. RIP Uncle Lionel Batiste, legendary bass drummer for the @TremeBrassBand. You will be missed dearly.The Soul Rebels
A soulful man&musician has passed away. An iconic figure of NewOrleans musicianship & gentleman's swagger. RIP Uncle Lionel BatisteWendell Pierce
Uncle Lionel will always be with us, New Orleans. Love to @TremeBrassBand and his family.Snake and Jakes NOLA
Damn, on the other end of the world and I find out Uncle Lionel passed. New Orleans will never be the same without you!Shamarr Allen
RIP. Uncle Lionel sharing the high life at Avatar's first @Jazzfest http://pic.twitter.com/rR89WI0IBasin Street Records
Sad day for #nola music. Uncle Lionel Batiste, Treme Brass Band bass drummer, dies #nolaicon #nolalove http://bit.ly/MTbH6TMitch Landrieu
A New Orleans legend has passed on this morning. Rest in Peace Uncle Lionel Baptiste. Lenny http://pic.twitter.com/p4avOFgrLenny Kravitz
RIP Uncle Lionel. You will be missed a True New Orleans Legend.Trombone Shorty
Out for their Uncle—Frenchman packed in honor of Lionel Batiste. Watch @WGNOtv News at 10. http://pic.twitter.com/D4iHU5uvSheldon Fox

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