"Planking" in New Orleans



That is, lying face down with your hands at your sides — lying on anything, really, and anywhere. Before dismounting, one must document the planking with a photo or video, that absolutely is posted to the Internet.

Comedian Tom Green and kids in the U.K. and Australia, pioneers of urban farting-around activities like flash mobs and parkour (and dog parkour), claim to have invented the technique. Some consider themselves the originators, while others, well, plank. And often. Plank all the time, everywhere.

New Orleans is no exception. I've witnessed several barroom plankings — across barstools and the bar itself, aided by a few glasses of stupid. There now is a standard to which all future New Orleans-related plankings must aspire or out-plank. Have you ever wanted to experience lying across the moonwalk, or on a cannon, or on Bourbon Street, to be tapped by a dancer's clear plastic heels? On karaoke bar stages, and maybe the most visually offensive store in the city?

These guys did, apparently. Here's the definitive New Orleans planking masterpiece:

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