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Another of the post-Katrina class of new restaurants has closed with the shuttering this past weekend of West Indies.

The Uptown restaurant served excellent Colombian cuisine in an unusual and evidently difficult location. It was housed in the restaurant space of the St. Charles Avenue Athletic Center, and despite a changing and increasingly bold array of banners and signs advertising its presence the place was always difficult to spot.

West Indies was the second incarnation of the restaurant that chef/owner Hernan Caro started in Kenner in 2006. It was also the latest salvo in a family rivalry that also produced Baru Bistro & Tapas, which continues to serve a very similar menu in a different format further Uptown on Magazine Street.

A note from owner Hernan Caro explains that he and his wife Amalia (both pictured at left) have decided to change gears and operate a catering business, which will specialize in the Colombian and Caribbean dishes that were the restaurant's mainstays.

Caro is also a metal craftsman who has produced functional and decorative wrought-iron pieces for many local restaurants. He says he's putting up sale all the chairs, chandeliers, wine racks and such he made for West Indies.

-- Ian McNulty


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