SDT hopes for recycling program by Mardi Gras



If you’re one of the many New Orleans residents to have signed up for SDT Waste & Debris Services’ recycling program online (Uptown & Carrollton ‘hoods have more than 500 and 800 requests, respectively), expect a contract in your mailbox very soon. 


SDT is serious about getting things started and anticipates a Mardi Gras kickoff, according to SDT’s Julie Tufaro.


The program will provide a 35-gallon container per household and will collect mixed paper, plastics and cardboard twice a month with regular garbage pickup (Wednesday or Saturday). Still no glass collection, but that’s not just a Louisiana problem.


Interested recyclers or would-be recyclers should visit SDT’s sign-up page and subscribe to their clean and green newsletter. 


Or hey, while you’re at it, how ‘bout a beer coozie?

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